Hyper Compressor Application Data Sheet

Please fill out as completely as possible. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to help you.

Customer Information
Phone #

Machine Information
Model #
Stage 1 2
Plunger Φ
Plunger type *
Plunger finish
* Solid TC or steel with TC coating

Process Information
Process type
Catalysts used
Lubrication type
Stage 1 2
Suction pressure
Discharge pressure
Suction temperature
Discharge temperature

Do you need
* Need detailed cup drawings

What are your objectives for this project?
Are there any special problems the customer is having that you wish us to solve?

Packing Ring Information
Qty of grooves
Groove dimensions
Current ring configuration (ring types and quantities)
Current ring material
Current ring performance
List any special requirements for the packing rings
Are rings made to nominal plunger Φ, under-bored, or custom-finished?
Has other packing been tried in the past?
How did it perform?

Cup Specific Information
Material of current cups
How long do they last?
Failure mode of cups
Special requirements (e.g. shot-peening, autofrettage)